Rules & Regulations


Improper attitude & unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. Also, maintenance of the school's sacred ambience as well as respect for the Indian rituals, traditions and culture is the top priority.

Silence during the time of supper ought to be maintained.

Non-vegetarian meals, consumption & hoarding of non-prescribed drugs and/or tobacco, alcohol, etc. is strictly prohibited on school grounds.

Also, bikinis & swimsuits should not be worn in school.

Nudity will be equal to a complete disrespect towards the nation's culture and will not at all be acceptable.

Apart from the clothes showcasing a lot of skin, wear something gentle & modest.

Students are required to attend each course. But, unannounced visitors will not be welcomed on the course.

Any pupil being absent for more than 3 times from the class will not be given any certificate.

Time to return back to the school is 10:00 p.m. after being freed from regular classes. For students returning after the above mentioned timing, 'no entry' rule will come into action.

Under unforeseen situations, if school needs to cancel or remodel any course, students may/may not shift to another subject.


Use of mobile phones, iPads & any other electronic device is not allowed in the classroom.

Phones on switch-off mode inside the yoga hall.

During class, no audio, video recording or taking of pictures.

Maintain silence while coming into and going out of the yoga hall.

Arriving a little early, settling down & keeping quiet before the arrival of mentor into the class will result in time management, better teacher-student co-ordination as well as good ambience of classroom.


Before the date of commencement of classes, students must pay their dues in full.

Credentials will be given only after the compliance of certain essentials such as required attendence (an attendence certificate on meeting of conditions), passing in written exams & practicals.

Students exiting or altering their course in-between, must return the materials given to them at the initiation of course.

Untill 45 days' notice is given, if the student cancels, reservation may last for an additional month, but, it's fees and cost of the course will both be Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable.

Under special circumstances, particularly, medical issues or any other, training fee may get repaid after deducting the proportionate amount of fees, for the days training was attended.

If on non-compliance of the school norms, any student gets expelled, no refund shall be granted


Only emergency medical situations will be handled by the school, not otherwise.

School will not be wronged or at fault in any case involving theft, injury, ailment or accident during the time period of course.

Disclosure of the previous or current health disorders, ailments or pathology, if any, must be done beforehand in the provided column of registration form being sent to each pupil (as an eligibility criteria for refund only under special circumstances) .

Students are advised to take a compact travel kit and a first aid kit with themselves.