Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It is strictly informed to every person entering the school's website or using any of it's listed services, that by doing so, would implicitly mean that the person has given his consent to all the listed provisions in this Terms & Conditions document. It is an advice for the users to diligently go through the terms & conditions given below, that are applicable on each & every user, visitor or anyone opting to use this website, before the entrance and use of any service given on the website "www.yogattcrishikesh.com", operated & managed by Gurukul Yogashala Rishikesh.

The utility & access to the service depends upon the user's compliance & acceptance of the listed provisions in this document. Moreover, as for services, their use and access through this website is totally conditional.

T&C for Fee & Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions related to program bookings are listed as below :

i)All Yoga TTC pupils & retreat guests are required to pay an initial deposit equivalent to 25% of the full booking fee at the time of booking, after getting accepted by the school. The remaining 75% of the booking fee, or any remaining balance, will be fully due and payable before the program/course commences.

ii) Such an initial deposit when paid, will imply the acceptance of all terms & conditions, listed herein, by the student.

iii) The initial deposit so paid, is valid to be used by the applicant till the period of an year (365 days), commencing from the date of reception of the deposit.

iv) In case of postponement of the original booking until some later date, the fees, charges and terms & conditions, in force as per that date's time period will apply.

v) Without exceptions, any payment made, whether, it is a deposit or balance payment, will be non-refundable as well as non-transferrable.

vi) If the applicant wishes to forfeit the paid amount or cancels the programme or is unable to attend it due to any reason, the administration may/may not agree to a partial refund of the balance, referred to in clause i), under special or extraneous circumstances. Any partial refund and final decision making is in the hands of administration and administration alone.

vii) From the date of forfeiture of the paid amount by the applicant, if the payment is confirmed to be processed and paid back to the applicant by the administration, it will be given back within 30 days of the date of cancellation or forfeiture by the applicant.

viii) Laws of the Republic of India will govern and construe the terms & conditions outlined above, as well as any explicit or implicit contract between the applicant and the parties referred herein. Also, above mentioned T&C and contracts, if made, shall subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the State of Uttrakhand, Republic of India.

Utilisation of third party links & services

Third party links or services, managed & owned by other service providers, might be shown in the services provided by the school's website, yet, Our Yoga School does not uphold any responsibility for the services provided by such 3rd parties. Also, the school is not liable in any sense for any direct/indirect damage occured to the user by availing the services or any type of dependence on the services, goods or content provided by such 3rd party service or website. This is so because, such services are not governed, managed & operated, in any way, by the Gurukul Yogashala Rishikesh, but by that 3rd party's terms of service, cookie policy and privacy policy alone. Thus, it is advised to visit the relevant pages to be read carefully & thoroughly.

Governing Law

The Indian Law will govern the listed Terms & Conditions in this document. Hence, users are adviced interpret such T&C as per the existing Indian Laws, without the consideration of the dilemma raised due to the difference in the provisions of different laws.

Right to make Amendments

Gurukul Yogashala has every right to amend, repeal or add terms at its sole discretion at any point of time, whenever considered necessary. A notice, prior to atleast 2 weeks or 14 days, will be issued, before doing any amendment. If a user continues to avail the services offered through the school's website, after any amendment is done, is considered to be agreed with such amendments and novice terms. In case the user disagrees with any amendment done, he/she is advised to discontinue the use of website.

Intellectual Copyright

Intellectual property & copyright laws protect and govern the data available, presented or transmitted on the school's website. If the website's content is then shown, converted, reposted, published or sent to anyone or anywhere else, will considered to be a legal offence and the person responsible for such an attempt or action might subject to legal action.


It might also happen that the information or content provided on the school's website : , might have certain typing or grammatical errors or could be inaccurate, however, every possible action have been taken to provide our users with proper, accurate & reliable data and facts. Hence, the proprietor does not guarantees the accuracy & reliability of any statement, advice or opinion, so listed, in the website. Therefore, based on the information so presented in the website, if user suffers any type of loss or damage, Gurukul Yogashala, will not at all be held liable or responsible. Gurukul Yogashala possesses complete right to add, update, change or delete the content or any part of the content, displayed on the website. Also, any amendments in the goods & services can be done at any time, at school's discretion. Thus, through any service, data, content, etc. provided by the website,

Gurukul Yogashala Rishikesh, nullifies every warranty, guarantee or repression related even to non-infringement, fitness or merchantability for any purpose, whether implied or expressed. Because the content, services and data available on this website is provided on "as is" basis.