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Things to Do in Rishikesh - Gurukul Yoga Ashram Stay, Yoga & Meditation Classes

If you are racing against time or unsure of the time spent in India, see the beauty of nature in Rishikesh, preferably with a Yoga and meditation getaway. All this ashram's charm is rooted in the fact that it is nested in the forest, amid seasonal greenery, and beside the largest body of water in the world, the Ganges river. Many ashrams provide a spiritual journey or the opportunity to focus on physical activities and yoga teacher training.

Numerous simple residential spaces retain the cosiness of ashram living environments, but they're equipped with essential modern amenities.

Unique Attractions for Yogi and Tourists

  • Yoga In Gurukul Yoga Ashram
  • Ganga Arti
  • River Rafting
  • Triveni Ghat
  • RAM & LAXMAN Jhula
  • Visit Waterfall
One day Programs Price
Drop in Yoga class* - 1 hr INR 500
Drop-in Meditation class* - 1 hr INR 600
Visit to Gurukul Yoga Ashram Free
One night stay with Yoga and meditation classes (meals included)* INR 3500
One night stay with Ayurveda Massage at Gurukul YOGA ASHRAM* INR 4500

Important Notes:* Required 24 hours advance booking

Yoga Practice: Tips, Tricks, and Guid

The Gurukul Yoga Ashram was constructed for people of all abilities and is located near the holy city of Rishikesh and on the Ganga river bank. Here, you can take yoga classes in Gurukul Yogashala, and experience the utmost freedom you can find in yoga from the yogi master.

Gurukul Yogashala offers all its visitors morning yoga classes at 6 AM. The Indian yogi master will meet all need levels, from beginner to expert, through appropriate courses.

Keenness of Ayurveda

Ayurveda asserts that universal health care can be accomplished through proper remedy. The disease is incurable because people are uninformed about it. Our centre in Rishikesh offers several types of choices for physical well-being and has preventative measures for healthy people.


The therapy entails using a specific oil and specified periods during which a particular function is applied to soften and soothe the tissues. Abhyanga is a traditional Indian massage therapy used to calm and strengthen the mind and body as of Asana.


Therapy involves the steady flow of warm, fragrant oil on your forehead, followed by a scalp massage. This leaves you in a relaxed state and energizes you. It is meant for you to channel the flow of energy throughout your body.


This deep-tissue Thai massage is predicated on the belief that a soothing massage will directly affect your nervous system, boost blood flow throughout your body, and relax your inner self. This is the optimal massage for quick rejuvenation from jet lag.

Stay where your soul resides -Gurukul YOGA ASHRAM

Get as much as you can while you travel to Rishikesh and stay overnight at an ashram, which affords a chance to take in yoga practice and knowledge, spend some time with yourself, or gain insight into meditation during an ashram stay.

Ashram bills generally vary depending on the frequency, and the activities one participates in. However, spending a minimal daily donation typically ensures entrance to some classes.

You get the complete immersive expertise of what ashram life is like. Ritual practice if you genuinely prefer reflecting on meditation and yoga.