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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh India

Gurukul Yogashala – The Traditional Yoga School

The learning process has no beginning or end. That's why we offer a comprehensive 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh designed to help you deepen your understanding of yoga and become a responsible and knowledgeable teacher.

We believe that teaching yoga is not just a profession, but a lifelong journey of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. As a teacher, it's essential to continue learning and evolving, whether it's through your students, experiences, or courses you take. Our course provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to become a better version of
yourself and make a difference in the world.

Gurukul Yogashala is home to a range of yoga teacher training courses, including the standard 300 hour RYT certification.


Gurukul Yogashala's 300 hour yoga teacher certification program offers a deep dive into the traditional practices of hatha and ashtanga yoga. For those seeking to elevate their yoga practice and gain proficiency in advanced techniques, enrolling in our 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is the way to go. Our ashram is accredited by Yoga Alliance, and its yoga teacher training program is managed by them as well.


To be eligible for the 300 hour RYT,200 hour yoga teacher training certificate from a Yoga Alliance-approved school is required.

Our yoga teachers are committed to helping their students derive spiritual benefits from their practice, which is why The yoga teacher training course curriculum was designed to be thorough and flexible enough to cater to each student's needs, making it one of the best 300 hour yoga teacher training programs in India.

We extend a warm invitation to you to be a part of our 300 hour Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training program in Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Flow at Gurukul Yogashala Rishikesh.

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300 hour Yoga teacher training in rishikesh

Course Syllabus

Our 300 hour yoga teacher training program includes a well-rounded curriculum based on classical Indian-influenced Yoga and spiritual insights from famous scholars. Here is a condensed description of the course:

Practices of Hatha Yoga

Our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training program offers Hatha Yoga, focusing on balance and holistic well-being. Learn physical postures and breathing techniques to enhance your skills and alleviate stress. Our curriculum is expertly designed to help you master this essential aspect of yoga.

  • An Introduction to Hatha Yoga and History of Hatha Yoga.
  • The Art of Sequencing and Inherent Changes in Hatha Yoga.
  • Postures with their Sanskrit Names and Terminology.
  • Techniques including controlled breathing and effective body positioning.

Practices of Iyengar yoga

Our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training course incorporates Iyengar Yoga, a style of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes precise alignment, proper posture, and accuracy in each pose. Developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, this practice enhances the mind-body connection through asanas and pranayama. With the guidance of our experienced instructors, you'll learn how to achieve healthy posture for various activities using props and meticulous form attention.

  • Iyengar Yoga Primers.
  • Use of Props such as blocks, straps, blankets and other objects used for correct alignment.
  • Sequencing to gradually build strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Training in correct posture for several purposes.
  • close attention to the details of each pose.
  • Making it a progressive practice by imparting students with knowledge and experience to deepen their practice over time.

Practices of Ashtanga Yoga

"Our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training program includes teaching of Ashtanga Yoga's intermediate series, gradually guiding students towards advanced proficiency. We focus on perfecting the intermediate series to help students become skilled practitioners and teachers of this ancient practice. Join our program to deepen your understanding and mastery of Ashtanga Yoga's intermediate series."

The first week will be a refresh of the primary series followed by intense practice of the intermediate series.

  • Week 1 - Practice of Primary series guided by the instructor and Mysore style practice.
  • Week 2 – Starting with intermediate series halfway.
  • Week 3 – Full intermediate series guided by the instructor.
  • Week 4 – Mysore-style intermediate series & Teaching practice.

In the fourth week, after having practiced for three weeks with the teacher's guidance, students will be evaluated on their ability to conduct a practical demonstration independently. In the final week of class, students will be asked to lead some of the postures as a teaching exercise.

Practices of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Our school's 300 hour Yoga Teachers Training course includes Vinyasa flow- Advanced level yoga, which synchronizes each movement with the breath. By learning this popular modern yoga style, students can improve their flexibility, strength, and balance while deepening their mind-body connection. Our skilled teachers modify poses based on individual needs and class goals, making Vinyasa yoga accessible to all levels.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga: An Intro and Benefits.
  • How to Create a Vinyasa Flow.
  • Using Vinyasa Flow to Achieve Advanced Yoga Postures.
  • Importance of breath in Vinyasa flow.
  • Many Asanas and What They're Called in Sanskrit.
  • Tips on cueing and teaching the Vinyasa flow to students of all experience levels.

During the final week of class, students will be responsible for developing their flow and leading the group.

Asana Alignment and Adjustment

Our 300 hour yoga teacher training focuses on proper asana alignment and adjustment. Experienced instructors will teach you to guide students safely with verbal cues and physical adjustments, observe and assess alignment, and modify poses to suit different body types. Gain the skills and knowledge to create a safe and inclusive practice for all students. Through our comprehensive training, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create a safe and inclusive yoga practice for all of your students.

  • Focus on Alignment: Emphasize the importance of aligning the body for enhanced benefits and injury prevention.
  • Props for Precision: Discover how props support correct alignment and assist in attaining optimal poses.
  • Benefits of Alignment: Understand the advantages of alignment, including improved stability, balance, flexibility, and energy flow.
  • Sequencing for Alignment: Discover how pose sequences gradually develop alignment skills and body awareness.
  • Achieve Safety and Benefits: Discover the importance of proper alignment in yoga for a safe and effective practice.
  • Alignment in Every Pose: Understand alignment principles in standing, seated, extensions, twists, and inversions.

Physiology and Anatomy

In our courses, we put an extreme emphasis on the understanding of Anatomy and Physiology of the body, as without this knowledge, the impact of various asanas on the body and the mind cannot be realised. The subject encompasses two main areas of anatomy: physical and spiritual. Physical anatomy covers a range of topics including the body's structure, bones, muscular and nervous systems, and more. Meanwhile, spiritual anatomy delves into concepts such as chakras, energy channels, and the five layers of the self, among others. Studying both types of anatomy enables yoga teachers to guide students towards a more holistic practice by understanding how the body and mind work together.

Physical Anatomy

  • Introduction of applied yoga anatomy.
  • Anatomical explanation of Asana.
  • Knowing in-depth concepts of flexibility and strength.
  • Recognising joint flexibility and its limitations.
  • The yogic method of circulation and breathing.
  • Co - Activation of muscles & Bandhas.
  • An overview of the muscular system details of muscle contractions, muscle tightness, tension, strength, and weakness.
  • Brief Description of the Skeletal system, Respiratory System, Endocrine System.

Spiritual Anatomy

  • Introduction of the Nadi. (Energy Channel)
  • Introduction of the Chakras. (Energy Centres)
  • Introduction of the Panchakosha. (5 Layers)
  • Introduction of the Pancha Mahabhuta. (5 Elements and Body Structure)
  • Introduction of the Tri-Guna. (Three Attributes)
  • Introduction of the Kundalini. (Prime Energy and Source of All Creativity)

History and Philosophy of Yoga

The 300 hour Yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh offered by Gurukul Yogshala presents a special chance for people worldwide to enhance their understanding of yoga and share its principles and philosophy. The philosophy of yoga is based on several key concepts, including the belief in a higher power or consciousness, the importance of self-realization, and the recognition of the interconnectedness of all things. To teach yoga effectively, it's important to have a comprehensive understanding of these concepts and be able to communicate them well to students. The training program is an excellent opportunity to achieve both objectives.

  • Yoga's philosophical cornerstones.
  • Brief Introduction of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
  • True enlightenment-knowledge.
  • Yoga practice and the significance of Ishwara.
  • Challenges inherent in yogic practice.
  • The idea underpins hedonic, hedonistic, and dharmic experiences.
  • The inner practice of dhyana; its significance and growth.

Breathing Exercise (Pranayama)

"In our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, we learn pranayama techniques including kumbhaka (breath-holding) for purification of body and mind. Gain an understanding of the theories behind deep breathing in yoga and experience them firsthand. Join us to deepen your knowledge and practice of pranayama."

  • Pranayama: an overview and look at its advantages.
  • Awareness of the Sushumna, Pingala, and Ida Nadis.
  • Introduction to Meditation mudras and positions.
  • Pranayama instruction for bandhas (locks) and Kumbakhas (breath retention)
  • Knowledge sharing and regular practice of below mentioned breathing exercises: (Clavicular, Thoracic, Diaphragmatic & Yogic Breathing)
  • (Ujjayi, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Surya – Bhedi, Nadi –Sodhana, Bhramari, Chandra – Bhedi, Sheetali, Sheetkari)

Meditation (Dhyana)

Meditation (Dhyana), the final principle of yoga, is meditation that frees practitioners from worldly burdens and fosters sincerity and devotion. Our Meditation sessions provide comprehensive teachings and practical exercises that calm the body, mind, and spirit. They help you remove external disturbances, improve concentration, and embark on an inward journey towards heightened awareness and mental clarity. Join us and experience the transformative benefits of Meditation (Dhyana).

  • A primer on the basics of meditation.
  • Explaining what meditation is and why it's so crucial.
  • An examination of how meditation can help alleviate stress.
  • Five-pointed focus on contemplation and relaxation.
  • The importance of silence and meditation.
  • Several forms of meditation, including those focused on the chakras, the moon, and other astronomical bodies.

The different meditation techniques that we teach are:

  • Breath Awareness (Anapana).
  • Trataka Meditation.
  • Osho Dynamic meditation.
  • Silent Meditation Practice Japa Meditation.
  • Ajapa Japa Meditation.
  • Antar Mouna Dhyana Meditation.
  • Nada Brahma Meditation.
  • Practices of Yoga Nidra and mantra meditation, including their rudimentary principles and more advanced techniques.

Purification Methods (Shat Karma)

In the yogic practice of Shat karma, which you will learn in the 300 hours Yoga Teachers Training Program, purification and disinfection play a vital role in maintaining the body's optimal health. This method incorporates six yogic cleansing practices aimed at flushing out toxins from the body. Detoxification is just one of the many ways that Shat karma can help you lead a healthier, happier, and more energized life through yoga.

  • Understanding the importance of safety measures during shat karma.
  • Studying the intricacies of nauli kriya, shankh prakshalan.
  • Weighing the people's willingness to do shatkarma against their desire to avoid it.
  • Eye-cleansing
  • Jala Neti \Rubber-neti
  • Kapalbhati, a technique for purifying the lungs
  • Cleansing the stomach with Kunjal
  • Shankprakshalan
  • Dhauti Kriya
  • Nauli kriya

Teaching Methodology

Our yoga school offers a teaching methodology that combines traditional principles with modern needs. Aspirants will get a thorough understanding of prioritising a holistic approach to teaching, including breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness alongside physical postures.

  • Building positive communication and earning trust.
  • Managing time effectively.
  • Possessing key qualities of a successful teacher.
  • Demonstrating and observing key principles.
  • Assisting and correcting postures effectively.
  • Preparing mentally and emotionally for teaching and class.
  • Structuring class step-by-step.
  • Using voice effectively during class.
  • Preparing for the class ahead of time.
  • Creating a sequence with breathing and posture techniques for all levels.
  • Adapting the sequence for different levels and providing effective cues.


The Yoga teacher training course at Gurukul Yogashala Rishikesh will be rated quantitatively based on a total of 300 hours of instruction. The following evaluations are part of this.

  • Upon completing the task, you will be given a written grade.
  • Practical evaluation — This will be scored on how well you plan and lead a real-world Yoga class.

Maintaining a 90% attendance rate throughout the semester will be taken into consideration when grading students. A student's attendance must be at least 90% genuine, with the remaining 10% excused by mutual agreement and acceptable justification.


Our yoga class offers a unique opportunity that goes beyond what has been mentioned before. Apart from mastering yoga asanas and techniques, participants also gain insight into crucial virtues like perseverance, selflessness, and self-control. The 300 hour yoga teacher training program is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in various yogic modalities. Through this program, yoga teachers can experience the benefits of yoga firsthand, which they can then pass on to their students. The tenets covered in this training include but are not limited to.

  • Therapy with sound vibrations.
  • Kirtan- a form of Hindu meditative music.
  • Yoga on the Beach.
  • Acro Yoga with a Partner.
  • Restorative Yoga.

Please take note that all of these supplementary classes are not required for the course but are offered as an extra.


Gurukul Yogashala follows a schedule prescribed by Yoga Alliance regulations.

05:00 AMWake Up
06:00 AMHerbal Tea
06:15 AMHatha / Iyengar Yoga
08:00 AMPranayama
09:00 AMBreakfast
10:15 AMYoga Philosophy
11:30 AMAnatomy / Alignment
01:00 PMLunch
02:00 PMSelf-study & Rest
04:00 PMAshtanga Yoga
06:00 PMMeditation / Mantra Chanting / Kirtan
07:30 PMDinner
10:00 PMLights Out

For Yogi

Our lodging offers comfortable rooms with stunning mountain views, invigorating showers, spacious closets, and free Wi-Fi. Guests can choose between shared or private rooms, both with private bathrooms that have hot and cold running water. Nearby shops cater to all needs within walking distance. Our management team ensures a tidy atmosphere throughout your stay. You'll get to relish the aroma of nature and experience the essence of divinity while practicing yoga outdoors with a breathtaking view of the Himalayas and the Ganges. It's an idyllic setting to call home during your stay.

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300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Accommodation
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Accommodation
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Accommodation
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Accommodation
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Yogic Food
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Yogic Food
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Yogic Food
300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Yogic Food

Yogic Food

Meals of a yogic diet have been served at the Gurukul Yogashala in Rishikesh. Getting started with yoga is easier with the help of our gluten-free, yogic diet. The meal, together with the detox tea and juices, contains a good balance of nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, and other minerals. We believe that medication loses its efficacy when consumed alongside unhealthy eating. Medication is unnecessary when the diet is healthy. What we eat has a significant impact on our ability to meditate and practice yoga.

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Rishikesh is situated on the land of the divine and spirituality.To experience
the beauty and the enthusiasm of the city of Yoga, Let's visit the sacred places of Rishikesh

Kunjapuri Temple

Beach Yoga

Ganga Aarti

Water Fall

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Course Duration: 28 DAYS


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For International Students


For International Students


Why Choose Your Yoga Journey with Gurukul Yogashala ?

Experience the transformative 300 hour YTTC at Gurukul Yogashala. Our Yoga Alliance certified program is taught by experienced teachers who have guided numerous students. Located in the serene beauty of Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga, our training offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to become a qualified yoga teacher. With a professional and supportive environment, you'll be well-prepared for the International Yoga Alliance certification exam. Expand your teaching opportunities and embark on a rewarding global career. Join us at Gurukul Yogashala for an authentic and life-changing yoga journey.

Yoga Alliance

APPLY Course

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Program in Rishikesh

Key Takeaways: 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Program in Rishikesh

FAQS - 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

RYT 300: What Does That Mean?

RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher, a certification from Yoga Alliance that recognizes yoga teachers worldwide. After achieving RYT 300, you can register on the Yoga Alliance website to become a Registered Yoga Teacher, validating your certification globally and enhancing your career opportunities in the world of yoga.

Why is a 300-hour yoga TTC required ?

The 300 hour Yoga TTC offers a comprehensive yoga education for those seeking to dive deeper into the practice. The course explores each subject in greater depth, fully preparing students to become skilled and transformative yoga teachers capable of positively impacting the lives of others.

Who is eligible to enrol in a 300-hour course?

To enrol in this advanced-level course, students must have a 200 hour Yoga TTC certification and possess a solid understanding of yoga. Designed for serious yoga practitioners, the course builds upon strong foundational knowledge to provide a deeper exploration of the practice.

How does the 300-hour YTT course differ from the 200-hour YTT course?

Mbark on your yogic journey with the 200-hour Yoga TTC, tailored to beginner to intermediate-level students seeking a comprehensive yoga education. For advanced practitioners with foundational knowledge, the 300-hour Yoga TTC delves deeper into yogic wisdom, providing a transformative exploration of yoga practice.

How will a day be like for a 300-hour yoga TTC student?

The daily routine of a 300-hour student includes intense back-to-back sessions from 6 am to 7 pm, with brief breaks for meals, rest, and study. Upon course completion, students will be equipped to teach pranayama, meditation, and asana classes with confidence, ready to embark on a fulfilling journey as a yoga teacher.

Is it safe for a pregnant lady to attend the training?

As the 300-hour course is highly intensive, it is not recommended for pregnant women. However, pre and postnatal Yoga TTC courses are designed specifically to support women through the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. These courses offer targeted yoga education and practice to aid in pre and postnatal care, promoting physical and emotional well-being.



YOGA ALLIANCE U.S.A Certification
Yoga Philosophy Class in 300h Yoga TTC

Recommended Books - 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

Hatha Yoga Pradipika Book PDF


Meditation and its Methods Book PDF


Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha Book PDF


Patanjali Yoga Sutras Book PDF


Yoga Sutras Book PDF



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A high degree of self-motivation is required for all aspects of the course. The practice and especially the teaching of yoga demand a high degree of self-discipline and purity. To ensure the success of the program, participants are required to attend all spiritual activities, meditation sessions, lectures and asana classes.

Meat, fish, eggs, black tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and nudity are prohibited during the course as they are counterproductive to the yoga practice. Participants who do not comply with the school rules may be dismissed from the course.


Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school. If you are having a fast any day, you have to inform the kitchen manager for avoiding food waste. Always make discipline, respect teachers and follow all rules. Always be on the time, you are late means will not be permitted to join the class.

Clear your books of account before departure from . Before departure return your books, maps or any goods which you borrowed. provides accommodation for a student who joins the yoga course. So any friends or relatives will not be included in accommodation however they can stay in school by renting another room. The student has to be present in all scheduled program of Gurukul Yoga Shala.


An advance of course fees will not be refundable, only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules.

If a student cancels the course after joining it, we accept cancellation but course fees will not be refunded in cancellation. There is no charge of course cancellation.

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