Yoga Teacher Training Advance

Bank Details

Bank Holder : Arvind Singh Negi

Bank : HDFC Bank

Account No. : 20741050013272

IFSC Code : HDFC0000725

Bank Address : Rishikesh - Railway Road

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Arvind Singh Negi Payment

Refund Policy

1- All Yoga TTC pupils & retreat guests are required to pay an initial deposit equivalent to 25% of the full booking fee at the time of booking, after getting accepted by the school. The remaining 75% of the booking fee, or any remaining balance, will be fully due and payable before the program/course commences.

2- If you have any problems with the account, remember that you must pay for the session when you reach the ashram before the programme starts.

3- Such an initial deposit when paid, will imply the acceptance of all terms & conditions, listed herein, by the student.

4- The initial deposit so paid, is valid to be used by the applicant till the period of an year (365 days), commencing from the date of reception of the deposit.

5- In case of postponement of the original booking until some later date, the fees, charges and terms & conditions, in force as per that date's time period will apply.

6- Without exceptions, any payment made, whether, it is a deposit or balance payment, will be non-refundable as well as non-transferrable.

7- If the applicant wishes to forfeit the paid amount or cancels the programme or is unable to attend it due to any reason, the administration may/may not agree to a partial refund of the balance, referred to in clause i), under special or extraneous circumstances. Any partial refund and final decision making is in the hands of administration and administration alone.

8- From the date of forfeiture of the paid amount by the applicant, if the payment is confirmed to be processed and paid back to the applicant by the administration, it will be given back within 30 days of the date of cancellation or forfeiture by the applicant.

9- Laws of the Republic of India will govern and construe the terms & conditions outlined above, as well as any explicit or implicit contract between the applicant and the parties referred herein. Also, above mentioned T&C and contracts, if made, shall subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts within the State of Uttrakhand, Republic of India.